Experimental Soft Matter Physics Lab @UNIST

We study the physics of soft matter using a discovery-driven approach.

Our goals as experimental physicists are

1) build experimental tools in order to investigate the structure and dynamics of soft matter systems,

2) make quantitative models to capture the underlying physics of the observed phenomena,

3) utilize this understanding to create novel materials with designed properties and functionality.


- Open Positions! 식구를 찾습니다!

- (2022/02/28) Hyeonjun and Minjun joined our group as grads. Welcome.

- (2022/02/28) Dr. Eun said goodbye to SOPHY. Wish her good luck at KBRI.

- (2022/02/15) Jonghee won the best paper award from 2022 KLCC.

- (2021/12/02) Madina defended her M.S. thesis successfully. Ура!

- (2021/10/19) Jae Kwan defended his Ph.D. thesis successfully. Hooray!

- (2021/08/17) Jonghee's PNAS paper has been selected as a front cover and highlighted by the media and UNIST.

- (2021/05/13) Jackwan's Matter paper has been highlighted by the media, media (Eng), and UNIST.

- (2021/04/07) ACS AMI highlighted Dr. Um's wrinkle work as a front cover!

- (2021/02/19) Jonghee received the 2020 Best Paper Award from Physics@UNIST.

- (2021/02/18) Welcome to the real world, Dr. Eun and Jongsu. Sorry for the virtual commencement.

- (2021/01/04) Hyunjun, Sieon, and Jeongmi joined SOPHY as interns.

- (2020/12/03) Jonghee defended her Ph.D. thesis successfully. Hooray!

- (2020/11/17) Madina won an Excellent Oral Presentation Award from 2020 Fall KPS Meeting!

- (2020/10/22) Jonghee won a KPS-KOFWST Young Researcher Award from Korean Physical Society.

- (2020/10/19) Dr. Um and Minjun's Nature Communication paper has been highlighted by the media and UNIST.

- (2020/10/16) Dr. Kevin Minyoung Kim visited our lab!

- (2020/10/01) A new researcher, Soohyun joined our group. Hooray.

- (2020/07/23) Jonghee won an Excellent Oral Presentation Award from 2020 Spring KPS Meeting!

- (2020/07/01) Jongsu is back from his military service.

- (2020/03/01) Junghoon, Jiyong, and Madina joined our group as grads.

- (2019/12/20) You know, SOPHY spent 24 DAYS at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, this year. Kudos to our strong efforts.

- (2019/12/19) 이정훈 (Chungnam National Univ) visited our lab and enjoyed sushi.

- (2019/12/18) Prof. Ildoo Kim (Konkuk Univ.) visited our lab.

- (2019/12/13) Goodbye to Leekyo who joined 파동에너지극한제어연구단.

- (2019/12/10) FIVE interns completed their interdisciplinary projects. Congratulations, Minjun, Madina, Jiyong, Bohyeon, and Junhan.

- (2019/12/10) Hyewon successfully defended his Master thesis. Hooray.

- (2019/11/29) Jackwan gave his first public oral presentation in the 31st KOSUA meeting. Dr. Kim also delivered a beautiful talk.

- (2019/10/24) Hyewon's debut on Korean Physical Society Meeting.

- (2019/09/10) Jackwan safely came back from Imaging Summer School 2019.

- (2019/09/01) Welcome back, Minjun & Bohyeon. Welcome Junhan as a new intern.

- (2019/08/13) We had our first in-house Summer Lab Workshop! Well done.

- 2019 Soft Matter Summer School: Soft Matter and Slow Relaxation

- (2019/03/04) Welcome Gun Oh (오건) as a new intern!

- (2019/01/03) 희태, 종렬, 가희 joins SOPHY as interns. Welcome.

- (2019/01/01) Hyesong left SOPHY and joins KOLON industries. We wish all the best!

- (2018/12/04 and 12/06) Hyesong and Leekyo successfully defended their Master thesis. Hooray!

- (2018/11/20) Dr. Young Kyu Han (AmorePacific) and Dr. Tae Hui Kang (SKKU) visited SOPHY.

- (2018/11/16) Prof. Bohdan Lev (NAS of Ukraine) visited SOPHY!

- (2018/11/11) Jaekwan and Joonwoo came back from Switzerland after completing the experiment at Paul Scherrer Institut.

- (2018/11/02) Hyesong won an Excellent Oral Presentation Award from 2018 Fall KPS Meeting!

- (2018/11/01) GD is coming to the lab.

- (2018/10/24) The first oral presentations at KPS by Hyesong and Leekyo.

- (2018/09/10) Welcome Joonyoung, the new intern!

- (2018/08/31) The first SOPHY Workshop and Retreat at Gyeongju.

- 2018 Soft Matter Summer School: Soft Matter and Topology

- (2018/06/25) Welcome Bohyeon, the new intern!

- (2018/05/21) Bye and see you soon, Jongsu! You will be a great soldier.

- (2018/04/04) Strawberry party in the lab enjoying the spring rain. Thank Hyewon for arranging the party!

- (2018/04/01) April Fool's day. Dr. Sung-Jo Kim will join our group, officially.

- (2018/03/07) Our grad, Jonghee, received APS GSOFT Travel Grant in 2018 APS March meeting! Hooray.

- (2018/02/14) Goodbye, Dr. Arman Javadi who is going back to his home country, Iran. We will miss you always.

- (2018/02/12) Congratulations on Wonjun's graduation. Good luck on your new graduate life!

- (2018/01/03) We welcome Minjun and Jongsu, the new interns.

- (2017/07/01) Wonjun the new intern! Welcome.

- (2017/05/10) Leekyo joined our group as a grad student. We're getting bigger and bigger!!!

- (2017/05/01) Hyewon joined our group as an intern. Welcome.

- (2017/04/19) Hyesong won the WISET-KPS Young Researcher Award in 2017 KPS Spring meeting, Daejeon! Hooray!

- (2017/03/01) Dr. Arman Javadi from Iran joined our group. Welcome!

- (2017/01/19) SOPHY participated in the 18th Korean Liquid Crystals Conference; Jonghee made a debut by a poster presentation

- (2017/01/04) 희균, 성창, 창훈 from 대구일과학고 (Daegu Il Science High School) started their pre-URP projects. Welcome!

- (2016/12/22) New SOPHY in the brand new building and laboratory. Safety, Health, and Papers!

- (2016/09/19) Madina joined our group as an intern!

- (2016/07/29) Goodbye, Dr. Ha. We wish you all the best! 하박사님. 그 동안의 헌신에 감사드립니다. 또 봐요!

- (2016/07/29) Sol successfully completed her U-SURF program. 이솔 학생이 U-SURF 프로그램을 잘 마치고 돌아갑니다.

- The 4th Soft Matter Summer School: Charged Systems in Soft Matter

- (2016/06/27) Hyesong and Jungmyung join our lab as summer interns. 이혜송, 김정명 학생 환영합니다.

- (2016/06/01) Now Jonghee become a graduate student in our lab! 종희가 대학원생으로 그룹에 합류했답니다.

- (2016/03/28) Welcome interns, 은종희 & 임재경!

- (2016/01/16) Welcome Dr. Ha! 하청일 박사님의 연구실에 합류를 환영합니다.

- (2016/03/01) Welcome Jackwan! 임재관 학생을 환영합니다.

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